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Things To Do Before Having Home Security Installation

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Home security systems have come a long way in the past decade. You have a number of options to choose from and consider before making a purchase and having the installation completed. While the technicians will be doing all the actual installation work to ensure that the system is properly installed and working correctly, there are still a few things you need to do before they get to your home.


Before the technicians arrive, walk around the inside and outside of your home to decide where things should be placed that will offer the most protection and still remain accessible. Decide which entrance will be close to the control unit. If you tend to use multiple doors to get into the house make sure you can get to the control unit in time to deactivate things before setting off an alarm. If this is not possible, you should have two controls installed. You will also need to decide where you want any cameras or motion detectors set up. You may want this type of coverage only outside the house, or perhaps you want a few inside the house or an outbuilding as well. You should remain flexible on placements though. The technician may have a few ideas that would be better for the service you want such as moving an electronic eye or the placement of a camera.


Having a company monitor your system for any alarms may require some type of permit. Check with the local police and fire department to find out if one is needed and how often it needs to be renewed. It is common to use the company you bought the system from to provide the monitoring, however, it is not mandatory. You also need to decide whether you want to be called before the monitoring company calls for the police, fire department, or medical help to be sent to our house. You can choose to only have some notified immediately, only during specific hours, or only if you do not answer your phone.


You need to make sure that anywhere the technician will be working is easily accessible. You may need to prune some bushes or trees for outside work or move some furniture or work that will be done inside. It is best to have any pets put into a different room or area and to make sure any children will be occupied and not bothering the professional.

If you are going to have a security system, you should have it installed in a manner that will best benefit your family. A bit of thought and preparation is all that is needed to make sure  you get what you want and need. Talk to a company like ASI for more information.